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Kapusta Sauerkraut recipe

This crispy appetizer is a main source of vitamin C in winter. Sauerkraut is usually made in big quantities and kept in jars in a refrigerator for months. Sauerkraut is best served with vodka and even better for hangover.

1 bushel cabbage (fall cabbage-must be hard and dark green; yellowish summer cabbage will go soft)

2 pounds pickling salt
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Shred cabbage. Put into crock in layers. Sprinkle salt on each layer then pound with a 2 x 4 piece of wood until juice comes out. Put in another layer of cabbage, then salt, and pound. Continue in this way until crock is full. When crock is full, mix. Cover with a plate and weigh down with a rock so it is below surface of the juice. Cover crock with a dish towel and store in summer kitchen/garage/cold cellar. After it is fermented, it can be stored in jars by bring to a boil, putting in jars and sealing by heating jars.

Cuisine: Ukrainian/Polish
Source: Evelyn Jepson, Grace and Bill Brown
Recipe category: Appetizers > Vegetables

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