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Pryaniki recipe

1 lb sugar
1/2 c water
1 1/2 c honey
1/2 lb almonds
5 cups flour
2 tbsp potash
1 1/2 lb sugar
1/2 lb chocolate powder
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Dissolve sugar in the water, mix with honey and boil this syrup in a big pan. Add potash, cardamom, cloves to taste and chopped almonds. Take off from the heat and add flour. Stir thoroughly and make the dough on the table. Cut out different figurines, put on the sheet and bake in the oven until ready. Icing: Boil sugar twice, until the syrup is dense, add chocolate powder, stir very well and cover both sides of Pryaniki with icing, dry a little in the oven. Served with tea, coffee.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga's collection
Recipe category: Breads-and-Pastry > Cakes, Breads-and-Pastry > Cookies

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