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Orange Jelly recipe

1 ea orange
1/2 c sugar
4 tbsp gelatin
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Pour over gelatin cold boiled water (1 part gelatin: 9 parts water). Leave for 40-60 minutes and then warm up on a very low heat, don't bring to boil. Strain carefully. Peel orange, chop finely oranges, sprinkle with sugar and leave for a half an hour aside. Put the rest of sugar in the pan, pour over 1 1/2 cup water and bring to boil. Add gelatin to syrup and orange peel finely chopped .Stirring syrup regularly with a spoon, bring to boil on low heat and add orange juice. Strain syrup, cool down and pour half into moulds. Let congeal, then put orange slices and pour another half over.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga's collection
Recipe category: Desserts-and-IceCreams

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