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Carp Stuffed with Buckwheat and Mushrooms recipe

2 lb carp
salt to taste
ground pepper
10 tbsp flour
2 oz butter
5 oz buckwheat
1 quart mushroom water
2 oz dry mushrooms
4 oz scallions
4 oz butter
2 ea eggs
measures conversion [+]

Soak dry mushrooms for 2 hours. Bring to boil and cook on low heat for a half and hour. Drain mushrooms and set mushroom water aside. Wash and clean a carp. Make a cut on the back. Cut off fins. Remove bones and internal organs through the back cut. Leave the flesh on the skin. Filling: Boil buckwheat in mushroom water until it is crumbly. Chop finely scallion and boiled mushrooms, fry in 50 g butter. Beat up eggs. Stir mushrooms with onion, salt, pepper in buckwheat carefully. Then stir in beaten eggs. Stuff the carp with a filling in back cut. Sew up the cut. Sprinkle the carp with salt, roll up in flour. Fry the carp in 60 g butter until light golden on every side. The time of frying is 10-20 mins. After that put the pan with the carp in a well heated oven and bake until it is ready (10-12 mins). Before serving, slice the carp in portions and pour over melted butter.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga's collection
Recipe category: Fish-and-Seafood, Kashas, Mushroom-Dishes

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