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Pickled Cucumbers recipe

12 lb cucumbers
1 lb onion
2 lb paprika
7 oz parsley
7 oz celery
10 oz dill
7 oz garlic
7 oz horseradish root
5 qrt water
1 qrt vinegar
12 oz salt
12 oz sugar
2 tbsp black pepper
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Soak cucumbers in cold water for several hours and slice 1/2 cm thick. Peel onion and chop into rounds. Seed paprica and cut into strips. Chop greens. Cut horseradish roots into cubes. In well washed jars, put chopped cucmbers and papricas, put greens, horseradish and chopped onion in the top. Melt sugar, salt vinegar in the boiling water. Pour marinade in and sterilize the jars in a boilining water for 15 minutes. Cork up and cool down.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga's collection
Recipe category: Appetizers > Vegetables, Pickles, Vegetable-Dishes > Other

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