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Ajepsandal recipe

Ajepsandal is a popular favourite in Georgia. It is traditionally served warm or at room temperature, spread on thick slices of good bread or pita.

three medium-sized aubergines (egg plant)
two medium-sized Spanish onions
olive oil
two cloves garlic, finely chopped
one sweet green pepper, seeded and diced
three tomatoes, peeled and diced
one lemon
fresh parsley
salt and pepper
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What you do: Peel and cube the aubergines. Boil them in water until tender. Drain and finely chop into a smooth paste. Fry the onions in a half cup of good olive oil taking care not to brown them. Add the garlic, green pepper and continue to fry gently over low heat. When the onions and peppers are softened, add the cooked and chopped aubergines, tomatoes, the juice of one lemon, about a half cupful of chopped fresh parsley, a generous spoonful of honey, seasoning to taste with freshly ground black pepper and salt. Continue cooking over low heat until the mixture is soft and flavours are blended.

Cuisine: Georgian
Source: J P
Recipe category: Appetizers > Vegetables, Sauces

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