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Kharcho recipe

There are numerous regional variations for the Georgian kharcho. In my family it is traditionally served in deep plates over cooked millet (ghomi). My cousin prefers to tear bread into pieces and pour the kharcho over top. Fresh coriander (cilantro) is a must. Qvavili kviteli (literally "yellow flower") and khmeli suneli are typical Georgian spice blends.

~ about one kilo of beef, any cut, trimmed and sliced into cubes
~ one medium onion, finely diced
~ sunflower oil
~ bay leaves
~ one cupful of walnuts
~ 4 large cloves of garlic, peeled
~ one heaping spoonful of qvavili kviteli
~ one heaping spoonful of khmeli suneli
~a bout a cupful of chopped fresh coriander leaves (cilantro)
~ dried and crushed red pepper
~ one large spoonful of tomato paste
~ salt and black pepper.
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Fill a large pot with about 2 litres of fresh, cold water and bring to a boil. Add the beef cubes, lower the heat, cover and simmer gently. Meanwhile, saute the onions in sunflower oil, taking care not to brown them. When softened, add to the pot along with three or four bay leaves. Lower the heat, cover and simmer gently. While the pot simmers, grind the walnuts and garlic through the finest blade of a meat grinder. Season the walnut mixture with the qvavili kviteli and the khmeli suneli and mix well into a smooth paste. Add the walnut mixture to the pot, stirring to make a smooth sauce. Season the kharcho with the tomato paste, red pepper, salt and black pepper. Taste for seasoning. Kharcho should be spicy. Finally, add the fresh chopped coriander (cilantro), remove from heat and keep covered until serving.

Cuisine: Georgian
Source: J P
Recipe category: Soups > Other

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