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Zeleny Schi with Sorrel recipe

1/2 lb sorrel, well washed
4-5 potatoes
1 carrot
spring onions
fresh dill
3 l water
4 hard boiled eggs
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In a large soup pot, heat the water. While it's heating, peel the potatoes and carrots. Cut the potatoes into cubes and grate the carrot. Add the potatoes to the boiling water. Fry the carrots in oil for 3-5 minutes. When the potatoes are soft, add the carrots and a few minutes later the finely chopped sorrel. Cook for 5 minutes and add salt to taste, then switch off the heat. Add chopped eggs and stir in finely chopped dill and spring onion, then serve. Schi z Schavel is often served with a spoonful of sour cream and fresh bread.

Cuisine: Russian
Recipe category: Soups > Schi-and-Borsch

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