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Schi and Borsch

Imagine you are a tourist keen on Russian cuisine. What would you taste first? Borsch, of course! In my experience, borsch is the unique combination of beets, vegetable and all kinds of meats. Its slightly sour taste, rich meat slices, this kind of soup is supposed to be cooked by your grandmother, most generous and professional family cook. I have never met people who dared to refuse a good portion of steaming borsch with a captivating smell of sweet home traditions. Schi is the second popular Russian soup in Russia, made mainly of cabbage or sauerkraut. If you were not cautious with your first vodka experience, schi is the best morning remedy for hangover. There are more than 1 000 schi recipes – with mushrooms, with young cabbage, with sorrel, with smoked pork ribs, with salmon and etc. You can feel absolutely free to create your own version with everything which is available in your fridge, just don’t forget about the key ingredient – shredded cabbage.

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