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Jarkoye meat stew recipe

Jarkoye is a traditonal Russian dish made of tender meat with vegetables in ceramic pots. Jarkoye is served hot in the same pots and is famous for delicate tastes of stewed pork slices and palatable vegetable ragout.

4 ea potatoes
200 g pork
1 ea carrot
1/2 ea large onion
salt to taste
vegetable oil
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This proportion is for one crockpot (500 ml). Peel potatoes and cube them. Chop a carrot and onion and stew in a pan until light brown. Chop meat and fry a little. Pour a little oil on the bottom of the crockpot, then put pieces of meat and potatoes, carrot and onion. Add salt and pepper. If you have some mushrooms, do not hesitate to add them (fried before). Cover the crockpot and put in the oven for 40-50 minutes and bake until done. Jarkoye is served in a crockpot for every person.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga's collection
Recipe category: Meat-Dishes > Pork

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