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Georgian lamb shashlyk recipe

6 lb boneless lamb (fat untrimmed), coarsely cubed
3 lb yellow onions, thinly sliced
bay leaves (preferably fresh)
Kosher salt
about 1/2 cup black peppercorns, crushed
strong red wine vinegar
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Sprinkle the bottom of a large stock pot with salt and crushed peppercorns. Scatter a few bayleaves. Arrange a layer of onion slices on top. Holding your thumb over the mouth of the bottle, sprikle vinegar over the onions. Arrange a single layer of lamb pieces on top of the onions. Repeat the layering as follows: salt, peppercorns and bayleaves, then the onions, then the vinegar, then the meat -- until the ingredients are used up. Season the top layer, whether its onions or meat, and sprinkle with vinegar. Place a plate on top of the marinade, then place a heavy weight (a very large jar filled with water works best). Keep the stock pot in a cool place (but not in the refrigerator) for 15-18 hours. Remove the weight and mix the ingredients with your hands thoroughly. Replace the weight and marinade for another 2-4 hours. Put the lamb pieces on skewers and grill until done, about 2-4 minutes per side (depending on the size of meat pieces). It is also customary to drain the marinade into a bottle and sprinkle it over the shashlyk as it is being grilled. This gives it a slightly smoky flavor. Onions can be drained and browned on a skillet, but as they take a very long time to caramelize, it is advisable to begin cooking them long before grilling the shashlyk. Shashlyk is served with fried onions from the marinade and plenty of raw vegetables and herbs. A juicy tomato salad, a/k/a the "Armenian" salad, is one of the common accompaniments. The recipe for it can be found here:

Cuisine: Georgian
Source: Redisca
Recipe category: Meat-Dishes > Lamb

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