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Ham baked in the dough recipe

2 lb pork
bread kvas
for the dough:
7 oz butter
7 oz sour cream
14 ozflour
1 ea egg to brush
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Soak pork ham in bread kvas and leave in a cold place for a night. Take out meat and dry with a paper napkin, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Mash butter, add sour cream and stir carefully, salt to taste. Stir in flour. Knead the dough and leave under the towel to "rest". The dough must be plastic and pliable. Roll out the dough in a square 0,7 cm thick to put the pork on. Put the pork in the center and pinch the opposite edges. Put the ham on a wetted baking sheet the seam down. Pierce all the surface with a fork. Brush up with egg. Decorate with different leaves and flowers made from the rest of dough and then brush with egg again. Bake in the oven 200 C for 1,5-2 hours. After 30 minutes the dough is golden, but the meat is not ready yet, so cover the surface of the dough with a wetted sheet of kraft paper. Wet the paper regularly. After 1,5 hour of baking pierce the meat with fork, if the juice is clear, the ham can be served.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga's collection
Recipe category: Meat-Dishes > Pork

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