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Pork Chops W/ Tomatos & Mushrooms recipe

12 ea Pork chops center cut 1"
- thick
3/4 c Mushroom caps or chopped
-stems & pieces
6 ea Tomatos small & firm
Salt & pepper to taste
1 ea Garlic clove minced
8 tb Butter (not margerine)
1 ts Paprika
measures conversion [+]

Beat chops lightly with a mallet and sprinkle with salt & pepper. Melt 4 tb od butter in a skillet and cook the chops 10 minutes or as needed until done. Fry the mushrooms in 2 tb ofbutter. Remove skin from tomatos, slice and fry with the garlic in the remaining butter. Place mushrooms and tomatos on each chop. Mix the butter from the cooking and pour over each chop.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Dr. Donald Houston's collection. ORIGIN: Nadia Novacherenkova, Zhitomir-Ukraine, circa 1999
Recipe category: Mushroom-Dishes, Meat-Dishes > Pork

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