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Fish Zalivnoe recipe

2 lb salmon (cat fish, trout)
1 ea carrot
1 ea onion
parsley root
1 ea lemon peeled
1 ea bay leaf
2 tbsp gelatin
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Soak 20-30 g gelatin in water in advance. Wash and clean fish. Cut the head, tail and fins and pour over it cold water (2 liters). Slice fish. Place fish head, tail, parsley root, onion, salt in a pan and cook 25-30 minutes, then add sliced fish and cook at low heat until done (not more than 20 minutes). Take fish slices out carefully and arrange them on a dish. Place a lemon slice (peeled) on every fish slice anā decorate with carrot rounds. Strain fish stock and add gelatin, bring to a boil and strain again. Decorate fish with parsley green and pour over half stock carefully. Let it to congeal a little and then pour over the rest. Serve with cabbage salad, hot sauces.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga Timokhina
Recipe category: Appetizers > Fish

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