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Hachapuri recipe

First we prepare for a dough:

- 3 Glass of a flour (volume of a glass - 250 ml);
- 1 Glass of kefir;
- 0.5 packs of margarine or a butter (125 gr).
While the dough reaches we shall prepare for a stuffing:

- 150 g cheese of type adygejsky or sulguni;;
- 150 g cheese of type poshehonsky, Kostroma (usual soft cheese);
- 1 Egg;
- Greens: a parsley, a basil, an estragon (something is possible also one) - to taste;
- Salt, pepper, spices - to taste.
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1. To pour kefir in a bowl and, gradually adding a flour, zamesit a dough. The dough should not stick to hands if sticks - to add a little more flours. To cover and allow to be insisted minutes 40. During insisting 1 times mixing - peremjat. 2. To divide a dough on two parts (only for convenience to roll out - raskatyvanija) and each part: to unroll in a thin pancake (1 mm). To cover a surface of a pancake thin (as on a sandwich) with a layer of margarine (margarine should be a room temperature, for ease greasing - namazyvanija) and to roll a pancake in a roll, rulet. To put rulety on half an hour in a refrigerator, for hardening margarine. 1. To rub cheeses on a large grater; 2. To add the crude egg, finely cut greens, spices (yes what love, and it is possible and without them) and pepper, to add some salt to taste (since to these cheeses not sharp and malosolenye); 3. It is good to mix. We fry hachapuri: 1. To cut off a piece of the test from ruleta 5-6 centimeters in length, to unroll in a square thickness of 2-3 mm. To put in the middle a stuffing *), to close a flat cake konvertikom, hardly imposing seams against each other. Prokatat skalkoj to close up seams and to make a flat cake approximately 1-1.5 see thickness. Small cracks between seams in a flat cake - it doesnt matter. 2. To fry in a frying pan (all over again seams downwards), on average fire, on small amount of vegetable oil, from two parties, under a cover, before formation of a is appetizing-golden crust.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga Timokhina collection
Recipe category: Breads-and-Pastry > Breads, Breads-and-Pastry > Pies

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