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Marshmallow Magic Squares recipe

1 13oz. jar of marshmallow cream
1 1/2 cups of chocolate syrup
1 cup of peanut butter
1 15oz. box of grahm crackers(you will have extras)
2 1/2 cups of ice cream
2 tablespoons sugar
1/3 cup butter
Grahm Cracker Crust
5 sheets of grahm crackers *if needed use more
2 tablespoons sugar
1/3 cup butter
measures conversion [+]

Directions for grahm cracker crust Crush grahm crackers in a bag into crumbs. Mix the sugar in with the grahm crackers. Put the butter in the microwave for 15 seconds, or until melted completly. Pour the cracker sugar mixture into a bowl and gradually stir in the melted butter. When mixed pour into a 7x11 in. pan and press against sides and bottom. Put into the refrigorator for 15 minutes. Directions for marshmallow mix Pour 1 cup of chocolate syrup on top of the grahm cracker crust. Pour 1 cup of peanut butter on top of the chocolate syrup. Lay a sheet of un-crumbled grahm crackers on top of the peaut butter. Put the ice cream in the microwave for about 15 seconds, or until soft. Spread onto grahm cracker sheet until flat. Lay another sheet of grahm crackers on top of the ice cream. Scoop the marshmallow cream into a bowl. Now mix 1/2 cup of chocolate syrup with the marshmallow cream until light brown. (add more chocolate if needed) Put the mixture into the microwave for about 15 seconds. Pour on top of the sheet of grahm crackers. Put in freezer for 2 hours, cut into squares and enjoy!!

Source: Lianna, Kelsey, and Kristen
Recipe category: Breads-and-Pastry > Cakes, Breads-and-Pastry > Cookies

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