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Cheboureki recipe

2 c flour
1 c milk (water)
1/2 ts salt
2 tb vegetable oil
2 ea eggs
1 c beef
1 c pork
1 ea little onion
3 tb mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste
vegetable oil to fry
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Grind beef and pork twice in a mincer. Then add finely chopped onion, salt, pepper. To make mincemeat more tender and juicy, add mayonnaise. Stir very well and knead with hands. Reserve. Mix flour with eggs and milk, salt and oil until a soft dough forms. Knead on floured surface until dough is elastic. Take some dough and make a "sausage" (1 inch in diameter). Divide into pieces (1 inch thick). Roll each piece so that they are 1/16 inch thick. Take a little plate ( 4 inches in diameter) and make rounds with it's help on the dough. Fill each round with the mincemeat evenly, fold into half-moons. Pinch edges together and connect the opposite sides. Pour oil into the pan and heat up. Put two Cheboureki on the pan at a time and fry until golden brown on the average heat on two sides. Cheboureki are good with beer.

Cuisine: Russian
Source: Olga's collection
Recipe category: Breads-and-Pastry > Pies, Meat-Dishes > Pork, Meat-Dishes > Beef

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